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Lord of The Rings Game Overview

The game is published for Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 for game lovers. You can download Spider Man Miles Morales

the lord of the rings

About Lord of The Rings

The lord of the ring was developed in 2009. It is an action-based game and was developed by the Pandemic Studios, published by the Electronic arts.


The success of the lord of the rings is more than any other Star Wars. Basically, the idea of this game came from the film Lord of the Rings and also various ideas are embedded in it from the game play of the Battle front games.  In this awesome game the players are allowed to play as both good and evil. The Pandemic aided their numerous digital models like fell beasts. They also used the elements which were censored from the various films. There were some problems so that’s why the game was shut down on 16th of March 2010 for the personal computers and other systems like Playstation3 & Xbox 360 but later on enabled the non-profitable CNQ Reboot servers which allowed the users to have online access by using the software named as Tunnelling which permits the network play through option.


Here is a simple game play of the lord of the rings. The player in the game can take the soldier’s role:

  • Rohan
  • Gandor
  • Rivendell
  • Harador
  • Isengard
  • Mordor

The role of the soldier all depends on the campaigns or the side that the player selects and chooses to play. Overall the game is more based on the objectiveness in which players are to defeat the enemies or they have to maintain a position till the times runs out. In this game if a soldier is killed or die, there is no impact on the overall game and it starts from where it was left. The player has some amounts of lives which ca save him and he can get power.


The game comprises of total eight levels. The main fights are followed by the players loosely with the addition like mines and Moria and Minas Morgul.

In the compaign known as the rise of the Sauron they player has to control the forces of Suaron in a network of the story line which is set over the seven levels of the whole film known as The Last War of the Middle Earth.


In this level the Dark Lords salvages the ring which was corrupted by the Frodo Baggins who failed to unleash one ring.  The hobbit is finished and killed by the Witching of the Angmar which leads to the Suaran who is conquering the Middle Earth.


One of the major properties of Lord of the Rings is it uses character based systems which is familiar to the earlier games of the Pandemic star wars battlefront. The four classes which are playable are discussed below in detail.


It is very close combat and it uses swordsmanship.

Warriors get more and more energy by defeating their enemies, which gives them more and more power s they became unleash and get a flaming sword.

The adjacent enemies are hit by spinning.

The interesting point about the warrior is that they are a unique class that possesses special moves.

Not only this, the warrior has access to the throwing axe which can be used as secondary and medium range weapons for the enemies.


This unit has long ranged bows and arrows. They play as a shooter third person. There are various types of arrows that can be used like;


It completely destroys the enemies and can cause explosive damages too.


Poison arrows are used for slowing down of the enemies.

They damage the enemies over time.

They act as slow poisoning.

They can be used to fire 3 arrows at the same time at different enemies.

Their special kick which is used in close encounters completely destroys the enemies.

Plus point is that multiple enemies can kill with a head shot, with a single shot.


Scout is known to the master of moving unseen.

Its primary arsenal is set of two daggers.

He has a great ability of killing the enemies from behind with sharp and lethal attacks as he cannot be spotted.

His secondary attack is the usage of satchel bombs which has blasting powder inside used for the long ranged attacks.

It has also the ability to block the attacks of the enemies.


It strikes with the bolt of lightning.

The lightning attack can be more severe with powerful charging that destroys the enemies which are close to it.

His firewall attack is quite dangerous that generates the circle of flames which damages the enemies powerfully if not killed.

For the close one encounters they possess a shockwave attack which completely kills and destroys his enemies and his whole staff at once.

One of its prime characters is that it has the ability to heal its allies.

He can also defend himself and develops a protective shield around it. It is highly effective in short range attacks.

In Lord of the Rings the player has ability to have control on the heroes of the game. The heroes are from four primary classes which are controlling very similarly the non hero attacks too. Many people believe that the game is not that up to the mark as it lacks the feel of the moves. Battles are also not well admired by many people as they have repetitions in them which spoil the game much. Also there is some lack of the ability to kill the dangerous enemies like trolls and mumakil etc.


Download lord of the rings Pc Game

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