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Valorant Game Overview

The game is published for Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 for game lovers. You can download Animal Crossing New Horizons


Valorant is your arena for global competition. This is a 5v5 tac-shooter pairing. Spike can be implanted or disbanded in each round of life from the first round to the 13th round. In addition to having guns and bullets, you can also choose agents with adaptive, agile and lethal abilities, which can make your marksmanship shine. Creativity is your greatest weapon.

Planting spikes

Agents and their signature abilities are your way to win with skill and style. Adapt and be competent for the role of duel, initiator, controller or outpost.

Detonate or detonate

haven. The binding is split. rise. At each stage there are many savvy matches, agent’s grip and team strategy.

Recommended specifications:

  1. Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  2. 4 GB of RAM
  3. Processor: Intel i3-4150
  4. GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 730

what’s new:

Hey, we returned patch 1.14, if you want to know what happened to patch 1.13, we will use it for some unreal upgrades. That’s it.

This is the indicator light on the Agent, and there is a big indicator light on the Icebox. The focus of this round of Icebox changes is to make the A site and verticality just right.

To help fight the Smurfs/AFKers, you must now win 10 unrated matches before you can unlock competitive matches. Speaking of this, adding a large number of Observers can better follow the competition. The grade distribution has also been adjusted to help people climbing lower grades.

The limited “snowball fight” mode has arrived, and Night.Market is open.

Agent update: Sage

Barrier Orb

  1. Barrier Orb cannot be cast during the purchase phase
  2. Although this is a patch solution designed to prevent Omen from being exploited, overall, this change is a solid change, and we believe it will create cohesion between what can or cannot be done during the purchase phase. Most of the features launched during the purchase phase are designed to create longer-lasting utility.
  3. Once fortified, the barrier will not lose its life over time-the barrier will only start to deteriorate a few seconds before it fails
  4. Overall, we have always been satisfied with the performance of strengthening obstacles, but we hope to make some changes to prevent mitigation of adversarial counterattacks, while rewarding Sage players who successfully strengthened the defensive wall. By eliminating the mitigation of counterattacks, we are able to study future opportunities to reward players who successfully overcome obstacles.

Mode update

Are you ready for a snowball fight with your friends (and possibly your enemies)? Restricted mode will be activated on December 15 and will last for two weeks, on December 29. For a snowball fight, you will also get themed Gun Buddy, which will be released later.

5v5: Team Deathmatch

  1. The first team won with 50 kills
  2. Rebirth is enabled, so go back there
  3. Snowball launcher is your weapon of choice
  4. Killjoy has assembled a customized version of Brimstone’s Molotov launcher
  5. Projectile-based snowballs have flight time and arcs (make sure to shoot straight!)
  6. Infinite snowball-don’t stop shooting!
  7. The gift that keeps on giving: power up!
  8. Gifts are generated on the map, sometimes a portal appears, and gifts gush out
  9. Each gift contains a power supply when opened (open to shoot)
  10. You can only be powered on once at a time, so make sure to share with your teammates
  11. If you die, you will drop the power and others can catch them

Gift type

  1. Fast shooting: shooting faster
  2. Glitch Ball: It grows over time when traveling in the air
  3. Ricochet: For all those who have snowball fights from the ground and walls
  4. Skates: Skate quickly and stylishly. Jump higher!


  1. Week 1: Check out the celebrations of the newly updated holiday version of Icebox (Snowball Fight only!)
  2. Week 2: You can play snowball fights on all current maps


  1. Complete each game to get 750 XP, and get 150 extra XP rewards
  2. Snowball mode cannot complete the mission

Download Valorant Pc Game

Click on the download link below to Valorant. It is full and complete game. Just download and start playing. If you got any question in downloading / installation please comment below. We will love to solve your problem. Download it first before the World 😀


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